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    Albert Pujols breaks into Top 10 in lifetime Rotisserie earnings

    By Ron Shandler

    Albert Pujols posted a 28-105-.272 season in 2014, earning him $27 in Rotisserie dollars. That was enough to move him into the top 10 in lifetime earnings during the Rotisserie era (1980-present), according to just-released statistics at Shandler Park.

    Pujols has now earned $488 during his 14 years in the majors, ranking him ninth overall. His 2014 performance moved him past seven players on the all-time list, including Gary Sheffield ($485), Eddie Murray ($484), Randy Johnson ($482) and Paul Molitor ($482). He is now within $4 of Tim Raines, who is #8 on the list.

    Pujols is ranked second on the list of active players, behind Alex Rodriguez ($600).

    Another $27 season in 2015 could move him into 5th place. Barry Bonds ($7 …

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