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    Milwaukee Brewers' Fatal Flaw?

    By Mark Evans

    In Monday’s Start/Sit column, I noted that “you probably don't have a better option than starting Lance Lynn or Shelby Miller if you own them, but they carry some risk here,” when referring to their upcoming road starts at Miller Park. Outside of the elite pitchers, it’s sound strategy to consider benching hurlers on the road, particularly against good offenses in hitters’ parks.

    On Monday, Lynn (pictured) utterly dominated the Brewers (7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 11 K), the kind of outing that makes a fantasy owner salivate when looking at box scores. So after double-checking that I had him active in the two full-season leagues I own him in (I did, WHEW!), I examined the boxscore to see if there was …

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Over the past decade, Ron has been an innovator in designing challenging, new fantasy game formats. At, he tested and launched games like Rotisserie500 and Quint-Inning. Here at Shandler Park, you will be able to play some of his creations. For 2014, the focus will be on one-month leagues.
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After nearly three decades of pioneering serious fanalytic research in the annual Baseball Forecaster, at and USA Today, Ron Shandler has built Shandler Park as his new home for creating, playing and talking about the game. Find out more....

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